Saturday, October 10, 2009

My List

1. Travel to Iowa & visit Jason's family
2. Go through Brandon's baby stuff & sell/donate
3. Make a meal plan & use it for 2 weeks straight
4. Get monthly expenses organized
5. Reduce unnecessary expenses
6. Start a high interest savings account
7. Plant winter grass in backyard
8. Drink green tea daily for 2 weeks
9. Read The Five Love Laguages
10. Get gallbladder removed -DONE 10/17/09
11. Lose 10 pounds
12. Lose 20 pounds (total)
13. Lose 30 pounds (total)
14. Lose 40 pounds (total)
15. Sleep 8 hours a night for a week at least once a month for 6 months (0/6)
16. Go to bed by 11pm on week nights for a month
17. Discover 10 new dinner recipes (0/10)
18. Update family blog weekly through the holidays of 2009
19. Start blog for 101 goals in 1,001 days
20. Put together a recipe book
21. Take placement test for college
22. Take online class at Rio Salado
23. Go on a date with Jason twice a month for 6 months
24. Make a photo album for Jason's Dad in Iowa
25. Visit Grandma Mary in November & December
26. Start HCG diet
27. Cut out negative influences in my life
28. Walk Zeus 3 mornings a week for a month (0/12)
29. Take the kids to the park every weekend until the end of '09 Fall
30. Pass online class at Rio Salado
31. Finish all pre-reqs for nursing school
32. Take NET exam for nursing school
33. PASS NET exam
34. Finish painting the house
35. Take both kids to Disneyland during the holidays (Halloween,Thanksgiving,or Christmas)
36. Mail in a secret to PostSecret
37. Spend a week relaxing in Jason's Grandparents cabin
38. In lieu of gifts,make baked goodies for Christmas 2009
39. Get passports for both kids
40. Take family vacation to Canada for a week
41. Get Brandon totally potty trained
42. Host Brandon's 3rd Birthday celebration at our house
43. See Phantom of the Opera
44. Get Alexis a bunk bed with desk
45. Go see a movie by myself
46. Go eat at a restaurant by myself
47. Apply for the nursing program
48. Pay off 2 credit cards
49. Take the kids up to Flagstaff to play in the snow